Hey guys! This page was previously dedicated to yoga. I stopped teaching almost two years ago and I am in the process of discovering my path as an educator and vulvodynia advocate. I am unsure of how long this transitional phase will last, but I appreciate your presence. Stay tuned. All good things take time.

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About Me

Here I am, almost two years after I created this website, re-writing my bio. I hate this part. I have never been able to pinpoint what makes me, me.

This page was initially created when I was a yoga teacher. While I will always hold a special place in my heart for yoga, we’ve grown apart. My knowledge of movement evolved greatly which left me to feel confined by the practice.

Even though I’m no longer focused on teaching group classes, I continue to feel driven to educate. I still believe movement is medicine, physically and emotionally. I still advocate for vulvodynia and mental health. I still love to help people. I know I want to share strategies for healing.

How will I bring it all together? The jury is still out. I need space to figure out my next move. Nothing wrong with taking a step back to move forward.

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

I was diagnosed with vulvodynia and vestibulitis after silently suffering excruciating pain for three years. It has been one hell of a journey. Thankfully, through an interdisciplinary approach, I am now pain free. I vowed to learn as much as I possibly could about my body and how the pain affected all aspects of my life. I knew that one day I would find the courage to advocate for others experiencing this isolating condition. That day has finally come.

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Experience a multi-disciplinary approach to physical well being. One that is kind to your body but challenging enough to keep you doing the things you love. Learn how a progressive approach to mobility, strength and stability can create healthy movement patterns for years to come.

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