What the Heck am I Doing?!

Well hello there friend! I’ve been M.I.A. for a bit. I could make up lies about how busy I’m been teaching and traveling, but I don’t want to be phony. Instead I’ve chosen to include you in a little secret; I’m taking a break from teaching yoga.

To be even more specific, I’ve gone back to work part time. Not sure if you even care to know (he-he-he) but I really enjoy sharing myself honestly and connecting with you… even though we’ve never met.

This was a tough decision for me. A year ago I left my 18 year career as a pharmacy tech to pursue teaching yoga full time. It was some scary s*** but I found a great little niche. Initially I experienced success. In fact, they went better than what I had hoped for. Then, like many entrepreneurs experience, things began to slo-o-o-w down. Class size started to get smaller and smaller and I began grasping at straws to draw students in. I never realized the marketing/business savvy that was required for me to branch out on my own. Eventually it got to the point where I lost money teaching and struggled to keep the roof over my head.

My biggest obstacle was (and still is) finding my place in the yoga community. My style of teaching is unique. I don’t quite fit in a traditional studio because my training’s have broadened my horizon’s. Ever see the Matrix? It’s kind of like I took the little blue pill and can’t go back to the pseudoscience that mainstream yoga loves to capitalize on.

Yet at the same time my classes are slower paced than what you’ll find in a gym. This internal confusion led to what my friend calls an imbalance of consumption vs. creation. I became a consumption junkie. I took all the webinars and free courses to try to make things better. Problem was I stopped creating in the process. It was stressful.

I found myself loosing my own movement practice. The very thing that fueled my passion now felt like homework. Imposter syndrome was in full effect and I felt lost. I knew I couldn’t continue this way emotionally or financially. With the support of my husband I found a part time job. Man, it was a blow to my ego!

So why am I airing my dirty laundry to you? Oh ya know, because I’m nuts! Nooooo just kidding. I’m sharing because I’ve learned a valuable lesson along the way. I put myself out there, I tried, I succeeded, I failed, but in the end I’m still breathing. I didn’t fall apart. In fact, I’m quite proud of myself for going for it. Although going back to work was not what I envisioned, there is a peace that it’s providing me. I know we’re not supposed to talk about money in yoga but it’s a huge relief to know when (and how much) I’m getting paid.

You know what else has happened? I started practicing and exercising again. I am moving every day. Not to plan classes or to gain followers on social media. I’m moving for ME. Ahhh, that’s the sound of my body giving a big sigh of relief.

So here’s the point I’m trying to make. I am using this time to become clear on what I want to offer from here on out. What I do know is that I want to teach you how to connect to yourself through movement. No acrobatics, no mystical woo woo. Just practical, useful movement for your everyday life that will keep you doing the things you love. One of my greatest passions is helping you understand that your injuries, perceived obstacles, and or injuries/chronic pain (whether mental or physical) do not define you.

The tricky part is explaining that to others through a concise teaching method. That’s the part I need to figure out, and that’ s what I’m going to do. So for the time being I am putting group classes on hold. You can still find me here on my website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and through my email list. My online membership is temporarily postponed.

The rest of my summer will be spent doing the things that nourish my soul. That means lots of; reading, writing, walking barefoot in the grass, dipping my toes in the ocean, long walks, spending time with family, maybe a little strength training, and of course, yoga. For me clarity always comes through movement. When I return to group classes I will be clear on what I do, why, and how.

Until that day comes I have one more point to make. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to, no matter how much it scares you. No matter how big or small, do it. That’s right, I, Nazareth, who just told you I failed my first year as an entrepreneur, am advising you to do something out of the box. The brief moment of sadness I felt when returning to work pales in comparison to what I learned about myself. I guarantee that you are braver, smarter, and more resilient than you ever imagined.

Yours in learning,


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