My Love Affair With Warrior Pose

I talk a lot about deconstructing movement and the importance of working on individual components in order to reach your overall goal. So much so that it can seem like I don't teach yoga. At least in the traditional sense. I thought it would be fun to mix it up for a change and highlight … Continue reading My Love Affair With Warrior Pose

What Does it Means to be Pain Free

"The wound is where the light enters you." - Rumi I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Since sharing my story with vulvodynia and chronic pain I've been asked the same question many times; "Is your pain gone?" - "What took your pain away?" - or "Are you in remission?" I'm gonna let you … Continue reading What Does it Means to be Pain Free

Anyone Can Teach a Pose…

My website is officially up and running. I'm so stoked... probably more than your average person because I am what they call 'technically challenged!' I may not have left my house for a week, but I got it done y'all. What I'm most excited for is to start connecting with more of you. That's the … Continue reading Anyone Can Teach a Pose…

Pelvic Mobility – Why is it important?

Do you feel like you have "tight" hamstrings no matter how much you stretch? You're not alone. Many assume that the solution to is to stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Modern movement science has shown us that this method is not only frustrating, but actually disadvantageous. I have gotten away from aggressively stretching the … Continue reading Pelvic Mobility – Why is it important?