I Know Your Super Power

Did you know that each and every human on this planet has not one, but two super powers? Did you know it’s cooler than flying? Well, maybe not cooler tan flying, but amuse me for a moment. What to know what the first one is?


Not the super power you were hoping for? While it’s not as flashy or sexy as your favorite comic book character, it’s pretty bad-ass. Think about it. The human body can readily respond to environmental stresses in a variety of ways. On a biological sense, we can acclimate to different temperatures or high altitude while traveling. Physiologically our bodies are constantly responding to pollution, dietary imbalances, and viral infections, just to name a few.

Our ability to rapidly respond and adapt to environmental and external stressors is what has allowed us to survive in most regions across the world. What sets apart from other species is out ability to adapt culturally. Plants and animals are more limited because they are restricted to one or a few environments. Most of our adaptations are transmitted culturally. In other words, we have the ability to socialize, imitate, and invent. Other social animals have similar abilities but only humans are capable of complex ones, such as;

  • Genetics – An example would be how our body form adapts to climate and temperature, color adapts to vitamin D exposure.
  • Genes – Disease resistance or diet related.
  • Cultural – Ideas, beliefs, and decision making are things only humans can do on a large scale.

By this point you might questioning the point behind this post. Why would I talk about such a random topic? Excellent question. Truth is I have grown tired of articles and social media post suggesting all we need in life is gratitude and positivity. We need more than yoga, meditation or pseudoscience. There are benefit to these practices, healthy living, and stress management, but if we’re not careful there can be an element of detachment. We do more harm than good when we glorify the ability to disassociate from reality. We can’t rely on love and light to cope with unpleasant truths such as COVID-19.

Think back to the beginning of man. Regardless if you believe in evolution or not one thing cannot be argued, daily survival was tough. Life was never designed to be one happy joyride. There is struggle, sickness, pain, and loss. Only when we embrace these experiences can we move forward. It requires critical thinking, communication, and inventiveness. Our ancestors did it, and so can we. We can adapt. It’s in our DNA.

I bet you haven’t noticed the way in which you’ve already adapted during quarantine. If you’re a parent you became a homeschool teacher overnight. Your home may have turned into your office. If you lost your job you’ve had to hustle to make ends meet. Perhaps you found creative ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. How many of you have learned how to use zoom?


Instead of burning sage and waiting for the bad vibes to leave, I invite you to become inquisitive. Sometimes this word gets a bad rap. It’s often synonymous with being nosy or unduly curious, but the true definition is a positive one.

Inquisitive – adjective

  1. Given to inquire, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious; an inquisitive mind.

The next time you become overwhelmed, sad, or frustrated, remind yourself that is is ok. Then ask what is happening that is withing your control? What is not? How can you adapt to these circumstances or changes? Ask questions. Seek answers. Speak with friends, colleagues, or experts in the field. Inquiry can lead to reflection, learning, and ultimately action. Remember, you are built to survive. It is your super power! The challenges we adapt to today will make future generations stronger for years to come.

Your in learning,


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